By Rev. Dr. Jim Antal

God has called each of us to this moment-in-time when the very continuity of God’s creation is in jeopardy.  It turns out that you and I are leading the church at one of those moments on which history itself is hinged.  It’s both mind boggling and heart stopping.   Just as the church as we have known it all of our lives is in terrible distress, our Creator God is looking to us to help stop humanity from running Genesis in reverse.  Bill McKibben told me in 2007 that climate change was an opportunity for which the church was born.  God is calling humanity to reorient our hearts, our lives and our laws to honor and respect the interdependence of all of Creation, and to acknowledge the grave impact that our generation is having on the conditions that would allow future generations to thrive, perhaps even survive.  All of this constitutes a theological emergency that demands a moral intervention that will prompt a spiritual migration to a repurposed church.


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