Initiated by the UCC and endorsed by other denominations and faith groups, thousands of people representing all fifty states and at least twelve other countries have benefited from this opportunity to become more conscious and conscientious in their daily lives.

Ash Wednesday invites us into the season of Lent, a time within the church year to acknowledge that we are mortal, limited, so that we might be transformed and become the new life God calls us to be.  The activities range from the very simple (e.g. eliminate “vampire” electrical use) to the moderately challenging (e.g. take “military" showers) to more long term (e.g. buy local produce).  We consider all of the activities a form of spiritual practice, a concrete way of participating in the stewardship of God’s creation.  The intention is to provide do-able actions which can make a difference; not to overwhelm people, or make them feel bad about themselves, or cause them to feel that the situation is hopeless.  We want people to empower people so they can challenge themselves to do more.

INVOLVING YOUR CHURCH IN THE CARBON FAST - We recommend forming a small group within your church to meet after worship or fellowship hour each week for discussion and taking action.  The Carbon Fast will provide myriad ways your congregation can get involved in climate justice. These vary from questions for group discussion to steps your church can take to conserve energy, from introducing climate change into worship to divesting your church’s portfolio from fossil fuels. Across the broad range of activities, there should be no shortage of possibilities that match the initiative and interest within your congregation.

Even if forming a group in your church is not feasible during the Carbon Fast, the suggested church actions are peppered with steps you can personally take in your congregation and that you can complete in any community during Lent and beyond.

Only by coming together can we solve the climate crisis. Our churches, as tight-knit, morally-driven communities, are an excellent place to begin!  God is calling us to be the change we long to see. Let us engage this spiritual discipline, grateful for all God has entrusted to us, and trusting that with God all things are possible.