The Presidential Election exposed so much about the core values of our country.

While many of us had hoped to be participating in a greater vision for America, we have, instead been confronted with the painful reality that we still have a long road ahead.

As we look at the year ahead troubled by the priorities of many of our leaders and institutions, we want to do all that we can to ensure that the voices of the poor, the immigrant, the marginalized, and the helpless are not forgotten.

We have this opportunity before us right now, perhaps in greater measure than it ever has been in the history of our world.

Convergence is calling on anyone who envisions a more just and generous world into a life-giving initiative called, “100 Days of Action.” We are challenging congregations and leaders to partner together for the next 100 days in a shared voice, curriculum, and series of events that will mobilize our churches to action, not because of what we are against, but because of what we are for.

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